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Is saås really based in Switzerland?

Yes — saås Swiss AG is a Swiss limited company, all products are manufactured in Switzerland.

Are the raw materials biological?

All raw materials solubilised by our laboratory (conversion from fat-soluble to water-soluble) are of biological origin.

Do you use additives in your products?

Our products contain no chemicals, heavy metals, alcohol or preservatives. Also no glycol, glycerine and/or polysorbates. Our additives are water and gum arabic.

What does micellisation mean?

Micellisation is the process by which fat-soluble substances are encapsulated in water-soluble shells. This technical process reproduces the body's own process by which our body converts fat-containing molecules into water-soluble ones. Our process thus prepares for our body and takes over part of its "work" - thus ensuring that the substances can work optimally.

What does solubilised or solubilisation mean?

Solubilization is the process of increasing the solubility of a substance in a solvent by adding a third substance.

Are saås products medicines?

No — all saås products are classified as food supplements.

How quickly will the delivery be made?

Under normal circumstances we deliver in 3-5 working days, but due to the current situation (COVID-19) there may be delays, we ask for your understanding.

Who is Swiss PharmaCan AG?

Swiss PharmaCan AG supplies the finished products for saås, and thus also forms the link to the manufacturing laboratory, MiVital AG.

What does MiVital mean?

MiVital AG is the laboratory which has the patented production process of micellisation and therefore the source of the unique saås products. This worldwide unique manufacturing process of product micelles was the first in its field to be tested, patented and in 2018 was awarded the highest distinction in the pharmaceutical industry, the so-called World Formulation Award for the best pharmaceutical, medical and nutritional formulations.